Kits for lifting and installations are generally not an expense that is impulsive. This is why many drivers depend on experts to ensure that they are properly installed. Certain types of lift kits can level your vehicle instead of raising it. The majority of trucks have the back portion higher than the front by default. The reason for this is that drivers fill their backs with goods, which could burden it as it begins to slide. Trucks will remain level once you load it with cargo, due to the back being one or two inches higher than the front. Get more information about lift kit installation near me

What size lift kit do I have on My Jeep?

We stock kits for a wide range of pickup trucks made by Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and many other brands.Explore our catalogue and explore all the options available for your vehicle. If you need assistance with anything you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The body lift kits can raise the interior of your vehicle by up to 3 inches. The kits for body lifts are used by truck owners of all kinds to increase the height of the car’s body without impacting suspension systems.

This process is carried out to create enough space for the rear cross member. Take driveshaft off diff using 15mm wrench. Take off the lower strut mount with the 21mm and 24mm wrenches. Unplug the ABS cable from the hub with 5mm Allen wrench. Remove the ABS wire from the knuckle as well. Use hammer to break it from its Knuckle.

Sometimes , the ride is less comfortable because of. It could be necessary to upgrade your shock absorber. You should think about searching for truck lift kits with one. In the absence of this, it’s an additional cost.

Suspension Lift Kit Installation Steps

A professional installation can cost around $1200. These kits are intended to provide an opening between the suspensions of the factory or completely replace the suspension components.

Utilize the grinder to cut an inch-wide section from the stock of stainless steel. If one piece of steel stock isn’t thick enough to allow the height you want, you can add another section. When you’ve reached the desired height, tack-weld the steel to each other. There is no improvement in performance just the fact that there is better clearance for tires. When the frame of your vehicle is separate from its body there’s an opening between the rear wheels, which could be fixed by using wheel liner. Which are the mud tire and what are they used for?

The majority of lift kits include a pair of shocks. However, if purchase a cheap kit and the shocks included with it could be of low quality. If you’re concerned about your shocks, you may be interested in purchasing them on their own.

Coil Spring Suspension

Attach one of these bolts through the new body spacer, and tighten it only half-dozen times or as. Do one at a time , break the rear cradle brace cradle brace front bolt as well as the bolts for the rear cradle brace by using a 19mm Socket. Assist the rear suspension using an under-floor jack that is placed underneath the differential in rear. Set the strut spacer at the at the bottom of the strut. anchor it with the same nuts of 12mm that you took off the top of the strut. Then increase the torque to 30ft. The rear end should be supported and removed the u-bolts by using a 21mm sockets. Utilizing WD-40 remove the rubber insulation into the correct place and then clip it to the upper control arm.

Take the two lower diff bolts from the motor mount/ diff mount with an the socket of 18mm. These bolts are difficult to access. The diff mount could also be threaded or nuts might be found depending on the size of the engine and year model.

Stands and jacks for vehicles that are suitable for your vehicle . To be capable of reaching all suspension components you’ll have to elevate and stabilize your vehicle. The number you’ll get after subtracting the number is the kit’s height that you’ll need for leveling your truck. If you’re purchasing only the front part of the kit you can buy that height (we suggest rounding it down if you’re two heights). If you’re buying a complete kit, you’ll have to calculate more to determine what you’ll need. Here are the steps for knowing what kit you’ll need to level your truck.

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